About Selected. —  
In an endless stream of stimulations, Selected. is a cultural landmark for carefully curated music taste. We are aiming to define and set the trend, not to follow it.

Founded by Nick and Nico in 2013 as a YouTube channel, the distinctive music selection and visual appearance of Selected. instantly grabbed the attention of a growing number of loyal followers and music lovers around the globe. Selected. was born. Still, under the first big landmark of 100,000 YouTube followers, Klaus and Michael joined the team in 2015 and became partners with the clear goal of expanding the Selected. brand into a full-scale music company. Since then, it's been a steady uphill journey.

Nowadays, Selected. is a major player on all platforms. The electronic super-brand hosts one of the most influential YT channels for electronic music and runs two of the biggest playlist brands on all streaming services. With these powerful tools and millions of fans and followers, Selected. has turned into a boutique label partner for electronic artists all over the world. A platform for emerging talents, but also for big names like Joel Corry, Sonny Fodera, Avaion and Just Kiddin (to name a few), the Selected. label crossed the 2 Billion stream milestone in the summer of 2022 and is now heading for new frontiers.

Nick Scheerbart

I am co-founder at Selected., navigating the next chapter of our brand evolution as one of the global power-players in electronic dance music. Around 10 years ago, Nico and I started Selected. as best friends and out of a shared passion for music, story- and brand-building. I couldn’t be more proud today about how far we’ve come and how we’ve been able to attract the attention and love of the incredibly talented & passionate individuals who form the team that Selected. is today and who are nothing less than a family to me.

Nico Pinkowski

10 years ago, Nick and I founded Selected. in my parent’s house. We are not only best friends from the very beginning, we also shared the same vision musically and visually to where Selected. needs to go. Strengthened by Michael and Klaus’ knowledge and experience, Selected. wouldn’t be as successful as it is today, and I’m forever grateful for that.

Klaus Eickemeyer

I am the lucky one. More than 25 years ago, I met Michael, who became my lifetime business partner, best friend and brother in heart. We went through all ups and downs in the music business; I thought I’d seen it all. Having such a partner is a rare blessing. But then, years ago, I met the two talented Berliners, Nick and Nico, and finally, my musical career took a completely new twist. Driven not just by the same musical taste but also by sharing the same values, goals and ideals, Selected. feels like the coronation of my career. It never felt so good, and, as I said, I’m the lucky one…

Michael Rank

What Klaus and I have been experiencing in the last years with Nick and Nico is a dream come true. The synergy of 4 people from 2 different generations coming together has been so inspiring and fulfilling since the very first day, and until now, this effect has never stopped. When I was around 27 years old, I asked Chris Blackwell, the founder of Island Records and the person who brought Bob Marley to the world,  for advice as I was about to start my first own record label called Kosmo Records.
He said, “just work with people you like”. There has been a lot of wisdom in this advice, and the longer I have been doing this, the more I recognise the deep truth of this approach to one’s professional and personal life. It feels so good that this has become a wonderful reality at Selected., working together with people you fully trust and that you can enjoy the ride with.

Jack Summers
Head of Live

I am Head of Live at Selected. My role is to lead all of Selected's live endeavours across various mediums, ensuring that the brand's overall strategy and ethos are reflected in our IRL offering, as well as ideating the freshest ideas to keep Selected at the forefront of electronic music. I am equally passionate about the Selected project and the live side of the music industry. I look forward to continually contributing to this next exciting chapter of Selected's book.

Ariane Klein
Product Manager

I’m the product manager at Selected. Towards researching communication strategies in the music industry, I was able to deepen my expertise while accompanying various productions for clients. Now as a member of Selected. , I'm happy to bring my skills and expertise to the table. My primary goal is to help our label find innovative and creative ways to promote our artists and contributing the growth of Selected.

Thales Da Silva Santana
Brand & Communications Manager

In today's ever-evolving music industry, establishing a strong brand presence is paramount to success. As the Brand & Communication Manager, I understand the power of storytelling and know how to craft compelling narratives that resonate with our audience. Through my innovative approach and long experience in the world of electronic music, I shape selected.’s image, communication, and content to position the label as a prominent player in the music landscape. I’m in charge of defining and executing our marketing and communication strategies. My mission is to collaborate closely with artists, producers, and our dedicated team to develop cohesive campaigns that amplify our artists' unique voices and showcase their remarkable talent to the world.